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Billy's Story

      Billy Burleigh just didn’t fit in. As a little boy in the first grade, He wondered...did God make a mistake? Should he have been born a girl?
     Over time, Billy developed a hatred of his male genitalia and suffered with constant confusion about his gender. He could not find peace or security in life, and eventually decided the only answer was to transition to female. As he recovered from the heinous surgeries and started presenting as a woman, Billy was faced with a crushing realization: no matter what he did to his body, he couldn't change who he really was. The happiness he sought in transitioning eluded him, and instead he slid deeper into a pit of despair. 

      It wasn't until Billy reached his lowest point that he found the way out: a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The saving grace of Christ transformed him, reconciling his mind with his body, finally giving him the lasting peace and joy he had so desperately sought for.

      Now Billy is a happy detransitioner, loving husband, discipleship leader, and passionate advocate working to save the coming generation from making the same mistakes that leave him scarred today.
     This film is a poignant display of Billy's incredible story as told from his own lips, along with the experiences and insight of many other experts in the sphere of transgenderism. We pray this film will be a warning cry to our society of the devastating and irreversible effects of transgenderism. We believe it will provide real answers to the deepest questions of those struggling with gender confusion, and real hope for any human searching for answers in this life. 


"Reclaiming Surrendered Ground" by Jim Logan

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